5 States with the most Veteran Owned Businesses

We looked at the 130,000 + Veteran Owned businesses (VOBs) in our database and found the States with the most listings.





California (13,000+) -The Golden State is home to the most Veteran owned businesses in the country. With everything from them makers of a hot sauce filled with super foods to your local sports bar to a provider of small business loans for Veterans. The list is as big and diverse as the state itself, but probably doesn’t have as many people trying to be movie stars.


texas flag

Texas (11,900) –The Lone Star State comes in second with almost 12,000 VOBs, which will inherantly frustrate all Texans that something is in fact bigger outside of Texas. The VOBs in Texas are chock full of freedom with companies that will send you things like the finest butchered meats or high quality Coffee.


Florida (10,000+) – Florida pulled a Marco Rubio and comes in third with just over 10,000 VOBs. Living up to it’s nickname The Sunshine State gives us VOBs like this nationwide online database of playgrounds that help find places to train your little mini mes to be future war fighters.


Virginia (6,600) – Besides being the home to Veterans List headquarters, The Old Dominion State has many of the Veterans favorite kind of businesses, breweries, like Fidelis Beer Company or Heritage brewing. There are also a few hundred government contractors in Northern, VA for all the government procurement types reading this.



Georgia ( 6,300) – The land of peaches and peanuts also has Veteran roasted coffee, not from Benning but it is named after Rangers. One of our Partners NovaPoint Capital who specializes in investment management is also based out of Georgia, so if you want a Veteran Owned business to set up your companies 401K, Georgia’s got you covered.

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