Veterans List LLC is a triple bottom-line company.  We assist businesses by providing information and guidance, connections, and money saving services that literally put money back in the entrepreneur’s pocket. We are a 100% Veteran operated Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.  Founded by an enlisted Marine Infantryman and Army Cavalry officer, we want to provide Veteran and military family business owners the ability to grow their business cheaply and effectively, and to provide patriotic Americans the ability to find and support those businesses.

VeteransList.US was created after both founders tried, independently, to search for a Veteran owned business to hire for small projects at our respective homes. After stumbling through the available options, we decided to provide an intuitive and easy to use website, for anyone, to search for Veteran owned businesses by location and category.

What We Are Doing:

Our core mission is to help Veteran and military family owned businesses grow and succeed.  We assist in four ways:

  1. We provide patriotic Americans, large corporations, and government employees a way to find and support Veteran Owned Business through our searchable directory. With over 130,000 business profiles, you certainly can find what you are looking for.  If you can not find something you are looking for…reach out to us, we can help.  New and claimed listings are automatically promoted on social media for 12 months!
  2. We provide deep discounts on business resources that Veteran owned business need to run their companies. Small businesses just don’t have negotiating power with vendors.  Veterans List leadership team uses the list as a tool to negotiate deep discounts from high quality vendors and offer them to our list members.  These deals are truly win-win-win transactions and many are net positive to the Veteran business.  We literally put money back in your pocket.
  3. We coordinate with large corporations interested in diversifying their service support and supply chain spend with Veteran owned business. We maintain relationships with the supply diversity departments of many large national corporations and attempt to match corporate needs with the Veteran owned businesses that can bid and ultimately meet those needs.
  4. We provide information, connections, and consulting to Veteran owned businesses. We’ve helped our businesses find partners, funding, and education.  We given advice to Veterans that has changed business models, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, and helped launch new businesses.  We have done promotions and made key connections.  We are here for you.  To your success, we’ve got your 6.

Helping Veteran Owned Business be found!  Helping Veteran businesses succeed!