Turn Your Company Vehicles into a New Advertising Channel


Traditional advertising can be expensive. This is one of the first things you learn while trying to build brand awareness and grow your company.

Unfortunately, advertising is a necessary part of being any successful business today. The good news is there are other options available, and one of the most cost-effective is vehicle wraps.

BCfZkJACUAAijeqWhen used alongside more traditional channels, such as active social media pages, web design, and email marketing, wrapping your company vehicles in advertising is a unique and often very effective way to advertise locally.

Some benefits of vehicle wrap advertising include:

Targeted advertising

Wrapping a vehicle in an ad lets you target prospective customers in a more direct way.

If you’re trying to attract a younger demographic, then your wrapped vehicle can be strategically parked in front of a popular bar or restaurant on a particularly busy evening. With multiple wrapped vehicles, you can target several popular bars at once.

This same strategy can be applied to live sporting events, concerts, or movie theaters. All it really takes is getting that perfect parking spot to reach the greatest number of people.

Employee benefits

Wrapped company vehicles can also be used to advertise your business while providing a valuable part of an employee compensation package.

Whether you provide a vehicle for employees who must travel during the workday, or also allow personal use, this is a great opportunity to offer some employees a perk that few other companies provide and advertise your company at the same time.

Customer engagement

Vehicle wraps can help increase engagement on your other marketing channels, creating a more loyal customer base.

Special offers and coupon codes can be included on your vehicle wrap to promote sales, and QR codes can be used to drive visitors to your website. If designed appropriately, you can even switch promotions without replacing your entire wrap!

Another great way to utilize your vehicle wrap is to encourage customers to snap photos of your wrapped vehicles and share them on social media for a special deal, coupon, or discount.


One of the greatest benefits of vehicle wrap advertising is the ability to change where these powerful mobile ads go at a moment’s notice.

Unlike billboards that are stuck in one location, or television advertising that only plays during a specified time slot, wrapped vehicles can sit in rush hour traffic alongside bored commuters, park in front of a competitor’s business, or attend parades and other events where they’ll be seen by large numbers of attendees and maybe even appear in news coverage of the event..

When you know precisely who your customers are, wrapped vehicles can be used to cost-effectively present your message where they are most likely to see it.


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